Kitchen Manager Store #30

TITLE: Kitchen Manager
FLSA: Non-Exempt
REPORTS TO: Store Manager with cross functional reporting to Multi Unit Kitchen Manager
ESSENTIAL FUNCTION: Acts as the Person in Charge and ensures compliance with the FDA Food Code; Responsible for achieving department goals, food safety, operating systems, customer service, and employee development
Food Service Management
Make certain employees have the tools and items necessary to perform their jobs
Order food, cleaning products, paper goods, and supplies from approved vendors
Ensure product is received, stored, and rotated following FIFO method
Maintain company standards for food production, shelf life, recipes, product quality, and presentation
Make certain operating systems designed to control food cost are used to include order guides, build-to forms, time/temperature logs, and waste sheet
Hold employees accountable to following recipes
Manage company standards for food production, shelf life, recipes, product quality, and presentation
Ensure employees use proper scoop to portion and serve food from the hot bar
Conduct weekly inventory for cost of sales report
Control labor costs by scheduling employees by the approved labor budget
Ensure employees clock in and out for each scheduled shift
Safety and Sanitation
Verify the completion of time/temperature logs to ensure proper cooking and holding temperatures for prepared food items
Check and document temperature on all refrigeration equipment each shift
Practice and maintain safe food handling procedures at all times
Hold employees accountable to dress code, personal hygiene standards, and proper hand washing procedures
Wear non-slip shoes for every shift and hold employees accountable to doing the same
Ensure employees wear clean uniform and hair restraint at all times
Act as the Person in Charge and enforce the Employee Health Policy
Hold employees accountable to Parkers cleanliness standards; delegate and monitor daily and weekly cleaning tasks
Ensure the use of lids and straws on all cups when drinking beverages in the food preparation areas
Maintain clear isles and walk ways in compliance with ADA Title III
Customer Service
Interact with customers and employees in a respectful, courteous manner, creating a friendly atmosphere
Lead by example by frequently washing hands throughout the shift, wears clean disposable gloves on both hands at all times when handling ready-to-eat foods
Ensure the availability and quality of hot bar items and prepared foods
Maintain company standards for food production, shelf life, recipes, product quality, and presentation
Speak honestly and act with integrity at all times
Effectively communicate procedures, promotions and new products to employees
Earn the trust of others through open, honest communication and good follow through.
Make Store Manager aware of weekly schedule changes, employee request offs, and confirm accuracy of hours worked
Treat employees with dignity and respect at all times
Recognize employees for a job well done
Training and Development
Verify new hire training schedule meets company expectations
Utilize Parkers training materials to train and develop employees
Prepare and present monthly food service training topics for store meetings.
Train employees on safety procedures and proper use of kitchen equipment, knife handling, and grease disposal
Make certain performance reviews occur for staff as required by company standards
Support Kitchen Trainer in communicating and enforcing standards
Management and Leadership responsibilities
Support the team with hands-on management style and lead with a sense of urgency and purpose
Complete responsibilities within established deadlines and maintain commitments
Perform additional tasks as assigned
Compliance to company standards, systems, procedures, and policies
Abide by company policies and procedures as established in the Employee Handbook and Training Materials
Must be reliable and punctual in reporting to work as scheduled; enforce company time and attendance policy
May not sign contracts on behalf of the company
May not accept payment for goods or services from any purveyor without permission from the Chief Operating Officer
Maintain confidentiality of all company information; must be forthcoming in reporting all policy and procedural violations and any wrongdoing to Management or Human Resources
2+ years prior management experience in a food service operation or proven experience in food service operations with Parkers
Current Servsafe certification required
Must be 18 years of age or older to work with kitchen equipment
Capable of using knives, slicers, and other food preparation equipment
Must maintain a current, valid, and unrestricted drivers license with an insurable driving record
Able to provide excellence in service, perform basic mathematical calculations, read and write, and understand and follow instructions
Must be detail-oriented and accurate
Must have good interpersonal and problem solving skills
Ability to multi-task effectively in a busy environment
Responsible, dependable, and adaptable to change
Kitchen Managers are scheduled a variable, 50 hour work week or as business necessitates
The characteristics described here are representative of those employees encounter while performing the essential functions of the food service position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Shift Length Varies 8 to 10 hour shifts
Flooring and Lighting Cement, tile, textured flooring and florescent lighting
Environment Subject to wet floors, temperature extremes, and loud noise

Don't Be Fooled

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